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Hoping to get feedback on the current validity of the statements in this article.

Well it seems like "Flash" could be replaced with "HTML5" and most of this article would still make sense - many points are arguable whether they apply to either though. Most of these are caused by poor developers rather than the platform itself.

* Gratuitious animation

* Granularity of user control

* Non-standard GUI controls

* Back button

* Moving text is harder to read for users who lack fluency (haha this one made me laugh)

* HTML5 content tends to be created once and then left alone

* HTML5 content is typically superficial

* HTML5 is typically created by outside agents who don't understand the business

Well, HN programmers eat him up so he's still the same.

For designers, including Flash devs/designers, he's also still the same (a fanatical old coot determined to prove '96 browser text is superior to multimedia).

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