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Ask HN: Best resources to understand cryptocurrencies/blockchain technologies?
11 points by Anon84 13 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments
What do you recommend as a way to dive deep into the multitude of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies currently out there? There seems to be plenty of BTC/ETH specific stuff but not much else?

HN comments & threads if you want diversified opinions.

I like Hyperledger and Trillian for cryptoless blockchains.

Twitter seems to be where the crowd hangs out, or the entrypoint anyhow. You probably want to find out where the protocol developers hang out (discord / telegram)? They seem to be the most tuned into the tech side.

There are some think tanks, economists, and historians which have a very interesting perspective. In the end it's more a social project than a technological one. I struggle to find anything blockchain can do that we couldn't do prior, other than having a public permissionless ledger from PoW.

It's not clear that public-permissionless will win. I certainly don't want my transactions read by anyone in the world. zk-like algos may help here. I can't see paying per instruction ever being cheaper than just renting hardware. It only seems to make sense in a limited context, finance type things. Outside of finance, I also struggle to see any application which can deliver a more desirable UX.

"Outside of finance, I also struggle to see any application which can deliver a more desirable UX. "

Wow really? Let me ask you, what is it about finance that stands out to you opposed to other use-cases?

I won't name any yet. Looking to have an intelligent and educational banter, my wife seems to be lacking all sense of reason and I'm hoping to escape that reality for a bit. Lol

Please everyone, let us converse.

Also OP, be careful getting information from Twatter and other communities. Those places are echochambers and theyll corner you into buying someones pumped bags. Not always but there's illusions and manipulations in those spaces despite what they claim. Do your own research. Hopefully this thread will lead to lots of ideas for you.

If you post from your main account rather than a one-time, perhaps I'll engage. Your attitude precludes the likelihood for civil discourse

I recommend avoiding Twitter if the goal is to actually understand the fundamental principles underlying blockchains. Most of Twitter is about memes and marketing and not actually about the fundamentals of the technology and how it can be utilized to do worthwhile things.

If you want to understand the technology then learning a little bit about hash function and public/private key cryptography will give you the necessary conceptual prerequisites for making sense of smart contracts. At that point you can start reading about the actual implementation details of various blockchains or look further into distributed consensus mechanisms because blockchains are fundamentally about linearizing concurrent event streams and reaching consensus in distributed systems.

Start with the Bitcoin whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto https://bitcoin.org/en/bitcoin-paper

I have compiled some explanation in a presentation at https://www.slideshare.net/yashg1/blockchain-a-solution-for-...

you can find it helpful in order to understand better pricing of crypto https://experty.io/why-is-crypto-going-up-and-down-factors-i...

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