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Ask HN: What are you using for static site management these days?
7 points by derek_codes 62 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments
I'm looking to provide static sites to lower-income customers.

I'm looking for something that would be client friendly (in terms of content management) and stable (these clients have little budget for upgrades).

Any and all suggestions are appreciated!

(Gnu) Make.

Long time ago I used to work in a startup. Their servers and workstations were old, slow and weak.

But on their web pages, extra-net and intra-netpages everything was up to date, sharp and really fast!

For adding new subcategory of pages was as easy as

mkdir sub ; cd sub ; ln -s ../Makefile

Some ideas e.g. from https://itnext.io/glorious-makefile-building-your-static-web...

This is interesting but it might be a bit too low-level for these clients. I appreciate the suggestion!

I like Netlify CMS except I can't see a way it could provide live previews for edits when used with a (Go based) static site generator like Hugo. Waiting for staging branches to deploy to see your edits for complex pages isn't practical.

I'd love to have a solution to this if anyone knows one. Hugo is really fast and simple so I'd want something similar from a JavaScript static site generator if switching static site generator is the only option here.

Yeah, this is my experience as well. Was hoping for something on the fly. Might be a good space to start my own project for, especially considering a lot of the code could be generated client side and updated real time

This was on HN awhile back. It sounds like what you are looking for: https://soupault.app

Looks nice!

Maybe also check



Or even more options,


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