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Ask HN: What's Your Side Project?
22 points by princevegeta89 71 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 28 comments
Hi all

I've built a complete restaurant ordering software which I was able to successfully deploy and get some friends who run restaurants on it. Been eyeing technologies like Nim and Flutter for quite some time now. Thinking of mobile games as well and the list goes on lol. What is everyone working on!


An AI analyzes what you want to say and writes it the way a native speaker would. I then show the diff between before and after. I'm happy with how well it works so far and I'm working on monetizing it.

This is pretty neat. Clean UI and it does solve a very real problem. I currently pay $6 (for 500 words) on fiverr for doing exactly this and it takes almost 2 days for the delivery.

I can see great success for this, especially if marketed to the correct audience.

this is really cool! I am going to try for longer texts and see. thanks for building and sharing.

Funny you mention Nim, lately I've been toying around with running Nim on microcontrollers:



https://luckyresumemaker.com – Make a job-winning resume in minutes. ATS friendly. No subscription required.

I found that you don't need to have a side project to feel successful - I had few, I finished some. But now - I'm trying to totally detach from programming after my working hours, and focus on something that calms me down. Photography, drawing, gamming. Totally recommend this!

A random character generator that combines tropes to create cliche characters: https://random-character-generator.com/


A peer-to-peer network of Web Browsers that try to identify deception online, track deceivers and their publishing channels and lets users know about malicious or deceptive content.

Tries to work with swarm intelligence as much as possible, and the peer to peer cache also contains a history of urls and their content. Currently implementing the distributed AI stack with compositional game theory mechanics.

I’ve spoken about it a few times, but admittedly haven’t done much in a while.

I’m working on a very widely featured user mode ISDN stack, primarily in Erlang, with bits of C and Java sprinkled in. In the end it will support DAHDI compatible interfaces, osmo-e1d interfaces, generic terminal adapters, that one ISDN chipset that was sided in certain AlphaStations (when i get my hands on one) and is designed so anyone can expand it to support their hardware interface. It also will support a wide variety of protocols as the the standard LAPD, Frame Relay, and X.25 in the D-channel.

Currently most of my design problems are around hardware.

For example, if I want to do H.320 video conferencing I require channel binding. I’m not sure if any of the hardware interfaces I have support that natively, and have not done enough research to see if I can “simulate” it in software. Also BRI uses a special hardware interface for connecting to the local loop known as the U-interface, which is common in Terminal adapters, where both my current BRI hardware and most of terminal equipment(phones, etc.) tend the use the S/T interface.

I had a number of other project ideas and come up with new ones every day, but outside the above idea, I’m giving up programming as a hobby until I can give it up as a career.


I've been working on body weight logger. I find MyFitnessPal and other popular apps too bloated.

Instead I built a progressive web app. It stores data in LocalStorage. You can install it to your home screen and it works offline.

It's been a nice exercise in working with Material UI, Redux and react-router.

I plan to add Dropbox/Google Drive integration later. Open to other's ideas and contributions.

https://github.com/drola/weight-logger-pwa https://weight-logger.catdad.net/

That's very cool! Can you share a link?

I'm trying to make it easier for people to find and join the most promising startups: https://topstartups.io/

Use funding from Tier 1 investors as the primary signal for now

This is nice. Would be great if it can filter by country or region (e.g. Europe, South Asia)

As a self-published author, most of my work is directly related to my books. Currently working on a Python GUI for regex practice [0]. Most of the features are done, have to change/add questions.

Also, started a newsletter focused on programming resources yesterday [1]

[0] https://github.com/learnbyexample/py_regular_expressions/tre...

[1] https://learnbyexample.gumroad.com/l/learnbyexample-weekly

A catalog of books, music, films, and some other things: https://www.locserendipity.com/

Running a FREE weekly newsletter for early stage startup founder and entrepreneurs- with hands-on business tips.


It seems like Covid left a lot of restaurants scrambling for contactless ordering solutions. They can be nice, but I find it annoying when I have to use my phone to look at a menu or to make an order. How does your system work?

My side project is https://dotfilehub.com

It’s a bare bones version control system for single files + a web interface.

These contactless solutions also tend to require a data connection.

I create Udemy courses about coding [1]. More than 1-2h a week, though. I made around 7k last year - over the moon.

[1] https://www.udemy.com/user/lachlan-miller-4/


i’m trying to create a better platform for programmers to prepare for interviews. right now the thesis is to practice talking and coding/drawing at the same time.

https://pygma.app - Export semantic React, HTML, and CSS from Figma. Not working that well yet tbh, but I'm definitely learning a lot working on it.

I'm building a premium uptime monitoring service, the differentiator is that it monitors SPAs, APIs, and PageSpeed: https://onlineornot.com

https://smocker.dev - an HTTP mock server that solves the issues I had with other mock servers, and with a nice user interface

It’s been over a year and Strava hasn’t implemented iOS Home Screen widgets, so I made my own.


Kids coding series (https://piduck.com)

The groundwork is done - taking a break before getting something released!

I'm trying to host my personal website on my robo vacuum.

I've been slowly but persistently pushing the idea of capability based security above the noise floor (or so I hope).

Pascal, the programming language isn't so bad either. ;-)

https://handoff.design - Import from Figma, author and export to Vue/HTML + CSS

A daily art newsletter. Its been humming along for a while now.


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