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Musikcube (musikcube.com)
22 points by marcodiego 69 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

I have yet to find a music player that fits my odd requirements. My tracks have additional user metadata in TXXX frames. Over the years I've added multi-value tags like "instruments", "keywords", "moods". The only music player that works for me is MusicBee, which lets me define my own tags, and can index and search these tags. So a typical search might be "energetic uplifting synthesizer". I can sort by rating, last played etc, and add tracks to the queue before modifying my search, perhaps based on tracks the previous search found. I rarely choose music based on artist/album/genre. Unfortunately that means that pretty much no other music player works for me, and that sucks because I only use Linux, and MusicBee is a Window-only app that doesn't work perfectly on Wine (some UI issues have me stuck on an old version). Anyway, it's always worth throwing out there whenever someone brings up a music player. I'll check this one out.

Have you tried to see if Rockbox is suitable? [1]

I was unable to find if they support TXXX comment frames in MP3, but saw patches that make me lean towards (partially) 'supported'[2].

1: https://www.rockbox.org/wiki/DataBase 2: https://rockbox-sf.cool.haxx.narkive.com/zvKFjdvm/rockbox-pa...

foobar2000 lets you go pretty wild with tags and their tagscript.

I'm not sure how straightforward it would be to search through a library like that. You'd have to try it and see if you'd gain anything over your current setup.

It used to run OK in Wine, but it's admittedly been a while since I've tried it. It has been my music file renamer for years though.

I used to be a foobar2000 user, after moving from WinAMP (which I used from waaay back). Haven't tried it for a long time. I might just install it even for nostalgia.

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