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Squads | Software Engineer | Remote | Full-time | $150k base | https://squads.life

We're a consumer social startup connecting creators and fans. We have two experienced founders who have managed to retain their humanity while being ambitious and successful.

We're two months in. We're making huge progress on our MVP implementation, and we just got commitments from prominent investors for a pre-seed round. We get great feedback from users we talk to.

Our engineering team is currently a mix of full time and part time engineers. Our culture focuses on ownership, personal growth, and delivery. We want engineers to join the team and drive parts of the stack in the way they think is best. We have a light process that encourages communication and meaningful progress. We have 20 minutes total of structured meetings per week, but we text/talk in discord pretty often. We deploy across the stack multiple times every day.

If you are back end, front end (web), or mobile, we have meaningful work you can do. If you want to learn and grow and show the world what you can do -- come do it with us!


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