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Ask HN: Modern Alternatives to Spas
2 points by iwebdevfromhome 69 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments
Hello HN, I'm looking to start a new project and I'm curious to see if there are any alternative for modern web apps that don't fall into the SPA approach but still having a dynamic frontend with js and with page rendering fast. Specially if it's something that it's fast and easy to setup and has a built-in way or plug-in to authenticate users.

Maybe it's just too much to ask and a SPA with React or Vue with an API in the backend is still the best way to go.

I was imagining an ideal world where you could have a project quickly setup with Django and then a sparkling of Svelte here and there to enhance things up in your views.


Perhaps check out https://hotwired.dev/

I’ve found server rendered apps to be the most productive on small teams or solo projects. Hotwired adds some sprinklings of JS that make this approach slicker.

I've seen this trend resurfacing recently, like htmx. Thanks for sharing I'll check that one out

+1 for https://htmx.org/. It's perfect for what you're describing

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