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It's time for you to install Windows Terminal (hanselman.com)
32 points by behnamoh 75 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 17 comments

I have had only problems with windows terminal especially regarding Font aliasing. I moved since to Tabby which does a way better job imho. https://github.com/Eugeny/tabby

This is from 2020 which probably should be noted in the title. Also Windows Terminal is now included in Windows 11.

Windows Terminal is very unstable in my experience. On one of my laptops it doesn’t even start anymore. It crashes immediately after opening. On my work desktop it crashed when I was 6 hours into an 7 hour Android build, causing me to need to work late to get a release out to a customer on time. I have not been impressed.

Hopefully this new version fixes the stability issues.

I’ve never had a single crash in two years of daily use.

And as usual for anecdotes I never had any problems from the beta version to today

Never crashed once in the past year I've used it daily for work. N=1

> Settings are expressed as JSON. You will be more successful if your JSON file editor is something like Visual Studio Code and supports JSON Schema so you'll get intellisense.

Horrible. What's wrong with a config menu. ( Of course if they do it like Settings in Win 10, with or without config is the same).

There is a settings UI now.

I've moved to Windows terminal as its the path of least resistance:

Its from Microsoft so no installation concerns from corporate IT.

Its config file is json so once you get it setup as you like it you can check it into git and use it everywhere on new installs.

Its nowhere near as polished or configurable as something like iterm2, but it does all the core things like such as window panes, focus colour change, custom key bindings.

The only config it cant do that I wanted was middle mouse button paste, but I'm just resigned to retrain my muscle memory to right click paste.

Do anyone else have problem with lagging? The use feels like watching a video of yourself interacting with the terminal rather than experiencing real time interaction. I hope it makes sense. There is this disconnect between the keypress and response on the screen that is very annoying.

Now if they could fix the glitch where terminal and every other app store program ends up with the image viewer icon, that'd be swell.

This makes no sense.

Why would anyone on Mac or Linux do this?

And to that point, why wouldn't you just buy a developer machine rather than shoehorning terminals into Windows?

It's a (better) terminal, for Windows.

Mac and Linux have got nothing to do with it.

With WSL windows is a first class developer machine now.

I don’t know about you but I rather use apt install xyz on Windows than using home brew on Mac.

Things change sometimes. MacOS and linux could learn several things from windows, for example sting based shells feel as rickety as an old set of stairs after using microsoft’s object based shell.

I keep reading this. However I rarely, if ever, see someone using posh for interactive usage on a daily basis. In fact I know more wsl users.

I get it, I leaned bash and never really saw the need for powershell. I typically would write only very small shell scripts in bash, and everything else in Python.

I had to learn some powershell to deploy a windows application and was immediately impressed by how much better pipelines were with objects vs strings, session object persistence, being able to call C# if needed, and so on.

I reach for powershell when I need something more complicated than is practical for me to do in bash, but notso big or complicated that I would need to go to python. Saves me a lot of time and is pleasant to write.

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