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How and why I added AdSense and an AdBlock detector to my personal website (briancaffey.github.io)
3 points by misterbrian 76 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 9 comments

Here is the problem with these detectors and why they should never be used, period. They make the very stupid assumption that all ad blockers are browser blockers and can easily be disabled by the user/visitor. This is a crappy assumption, pi-hole, and pfblockerng, are dns and router firewall level blocking devices respectively. These will block ads on an entire network, not everyone on the network may have the ability to change these ad blocking settings even if they wanted to.

Thanks for pointing this out. I did think about the pi-hole scenario, which is why I provided links to the article's Markdown file in GitHub. I also just realized that my adblock detection doesn't work with uBlock Origin. I'll need to do some extra work on this one.

So many sites, so little time! If a site wants me to jump through hoops because of blocking ads, well, there's always lots more sites, more than I'll ever have time to read.

It has a harassing popup too. If I wanted to be followed around I’d go drive to the last audiophile store in my state.

I don't get this reference, can you explain the audiophile store part?

You walk in and somebody jumps on you right away and wants to ‘qualify’ you, hoping you are a whale who will spend $25,000 on a pair of speakers.

Oh, got it. Thanks!

you are not wrong. before writing this article it took me a lot longer to remember how to pause adblock. Now I just use cmd + .

Here's a link to the Markdown source file for this article on GitHub: https://github.com/briancaffey/briancaffey.github.io/blob/ma...

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