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For a number of years I used the single file Python wiki pwyky (http://infomesh.net/pwyky/) running on a server to serve as a personal lab notebook.

I added general project notes, links to relevant resources and a chronological log of projects.

The biggest benefits for me were:

  * keep track of multiple projects;
  * reduce overhead of switching between projects.
There was, however, also a benefit for the wider community as well, because all of the pages were public--even the in-progress projects--people could make use of the knowledge I'd found so far, even if the project itself wasn't (ever :)) entirely documented.

When the server hosting my wiki, err, disappeared, I decided to create a service that would provide me the benefits I'd found and also make them available to other developers.

Labradoc is the result:

  * http://www.labradoc.com/
With Labradoc you can:

  * make general project notes with Markdown formatting;
  * keep a chronological log of project progress.
I posted a Show HN a couple of months ago: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2669425

Here's my own project list:

  * http://www.labradoc.com/i/follower
If you don't already keep a project log I encourage you to do so.

If you already keep a project log I encourage you to make more of it public (it's okay, the people that judge you badly for in-progress hacks you don't want to work with anyway :) ).

In either case, try out Labradoc and see how it suits your workflow.

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