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Roughgarden on blockchain:Future generations will be jealous of your opportunity [pdf] (timroughgarden.github.io)
7 points by jmeister 82 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

>It’s worth recognizing that we’re currently in a particular moment in time, witnessing a new area of computer science blossom before our eyes in real time. It draws on well-established parts of computer science (e.g., cryptography and distributed sys- tems) and other fields (e.g., game theory and finance), but is developing into a fundamental and interdisciplinary area of science and engineering its own right. Future generations of computer scientists will be jealous of your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this new area—analogous to getting into the Internet and the Web in the early 1990s. I cannot overstate the opportunities available to someone who masters the material covered in this course—current demand is much, much bigger than supply.

>An enormous number of people, including a majority of computer science researchers and academics, have yet to grok the modern vision of blockchains: a new computing paradigm that will enable the next incarnation of the Internet and the Web, along with an entirely new generation of applications

Funny, I heard the same thing from someone trying to sell me shares of WebVan.

I keep seeing blockchain being hyped up, but if it is so great, why is it not more widely used?

Blockchains are extremely widely used, almost every coding project on the planet is using a blockchain for managing and versioning through git.

The crypto blockchain is a different story of cause and the reason it is being hyped without bounds is the same reason everyone is getting e-mails from Nigerian princes that just can’t seem to get reliable wire transfering services.

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