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There are operators that don't work in google anymore

Link: Site:

The AND operator doesn't work anymore. The result may ignore one or more of your keywords.

A google search is not the best search of the internet you can get ad-supported. It is asking google what it has for sale containing most of the keywords.

Site: works perfectly fine.

Well, both of you might be right, Google is always running a crazy amount of experiments (mostly on how sloppy they can be and still get away with it it seems ;-)

Here's a trick though: if you notice anything getting significantly worse, just try to report it.

Reporting is a seriously annoying process as they have applied a number of tricks to discourage feedback and I don't know if they ever read those reports, but it has one nice side effect:

When you report anything you get removed from the current experiment that you are assigned too (e.g. "break site:" or "slide in ads on top of search results just as user is about to click first result"[1]) and assigns you to a new one that is hopefully less annoying.

[1]: a colleague of mine demonstrated this to me three years ago, unfortunately he followed my advice and also disabled at least one extension before I could take steps to verify that it was in deed a Google experiment.

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