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Ichi.city (ichi.city)
153 points by ggoo 72 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 41 comments

Recently I landed on a neocities site and was more excited about a search result sending me to neocities than I was about finding what I was looking for. https://neocities.org/

This is off topic but you might enjoy Hypnospace Outlaw if you're missing GeoCities.

Oddly important because it cutely shows what has changed. The underlying assumption of the early internet was users wanted any information at all just for the novelty of it, and didn't care what it was. I even clicked on something that said, "under construction, come back later!" thinking there might be something other than that message behind it. Now it's about competing for attention with everything else.

Ichi.city reminds me of what a Christopher Alexander-like a place to put information might look like, and makes me wonder what other Alexanderian places we might still want.

Hilarious. He created a homepage for his password: https://zeeslag.ichi.city/mypassword.html

They updated the page now:

> If you see agge, he leaked my password. He is enemy numba wan

This is old Internet meme lore: https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/hunter2

It just looks like ••••••• to me.

That's a joke, if it works as his password it's a meta joke. Google the password.

Another project in this vein is the Tildeverse, a group of pubnix servers that provide web/gopher/gemini hosting, preinstalled utilities (e.g. an IRC client, development toolchains, common $EDITORs), and services (mail hosting, BBSes, etc).

Anything in your ~/public_html dir gets hosted in a subdir of your tilde with your UNIX username, e.g. /~seirdy/.

Website: https://tildeverse.org/

I stumbled upon some Tildes when browsing through Gemini the other day, and was curious about how the operated. Thanks.

Very nice, I like the concept how easy it is to get things up and running.

The obvious problems I thought about yesterday when I first saw this was spam and at some point moderation. I looked the homepages this morning and sure enough, someone created hundreds of sites with 8 random letters. I guess you could also create a script to update your site every X seconds to always be on the frontpage to promote a crypto or something more nefarious.

Anyways, I'll still keep updating my own site from time to time for fun, thanks for sharing this.

I get a "connection refused", has it been hug of death'd or is my IP (range) blocked?

edit: And it's back!

I'm getting the same response no matter what ip range I connect from. Tried a few different ones via VPN and keep getting a refused to connect.

Same, think it’s Hug

This is awesome! Harkens back to the internet of yonder when things were more simple, yet fun.

Seems it could use a cdn in front... https://archive.md/HAMjc

Funny. But at least it's back up now.

uploaded 00's geocities https://geocity.ichi.city/

This is really simple to use. I also like how the homepages section will automatically update with the site's title and description once you save


I wish more people knew how easy it is to set up a simple webpage. There is no need to pay for something like Squarespace. This, along with GitHub/GitLab make for great, free ways for people to learn some basic HTML.

I think most people who would be happy with such a simple webpage are the same people who know how easy it is to do.

You don't even need this, there's GitHub Pages where you can serve static sites straight off GitHub

A GitHub Pages setup is not a more minimalist take on services like this one, so your comment makes for very strange reading (esp. that "even" in "you don't even need this").

I was responding to the comment that said GitHub + static hosting (this). I'm saying that you don't need external static hosting if you're already using GitHub, because GitHub has that out of the box at the flip of a switch (I don't mean the Jekyll and markdown stuff either — literally put an index.html at the root of your repo, and if you want a custom domain just tweak your DNS, otherwise use x.github.io)

> the comment that said GitHub + static hosting (this)

That's not the what the comment you're responding to said.

> I'm saying that you don't need external static hosting if you're already using GitHub

That's a huge "iff" of an if.

The comment I was replying to says:

> This, along with GitHub/GitLab make for great, free ways for people to learn some basic HTML.

I read that as saying "a combination of both GitHub/GitLab and the static hosting service OP linked". Are you saying this person is saying "one or the other" instead of "a combination of"?

As long as they mean "a combination of", I maintain that there's no reason to use both, if you're already using GitHub (that's the implicit a priori assumption) as GitHub provides static hosting already. Hope that clears it up

> Are you saying this person is saying "one or the other" instead of "a combination of"?

Yes, clearly. As you say, there's no reason to use both. There's no reason, then, to think that that's what the person meant.

If there are two possible interpretations of a statement, one which makes sense and one which doesn't, chances are that the one makes sense is the one that was intended, and not the one that doesn't.

It's totally possible that OP was simply not aware that GitHub offers static hosting, in which case my interpretation is just as valid, and my comment is then useful to both them as well as anyone else that might not know that. Just because something is so clear to you doesn't mean it is to others. Case in point: at least one person (me) interpreting OPs comment the other way in good faith, and only seeing your way in an effort to understand why you're being so confrontational about it. There's really no need to be so patronising mate.

Sorry for the confusion. To clarify, I did not mean to suggest using GitHub/GitLab pages in combination with Ichi.city. That would be redundant.

What ever happened to FrontPage hybrid mode?

Anyone ever replicate that?

these little banners are looking so nostalgic these days: https://ichi.city/banner.png

I was thinking about it as well. It provides a carefree holiday sort of feeling similar to the old postcards. Very much similar to the West Indies cricket board logo.

1 - https://clipground.com/images/india-cricket-logo-clipart-7.j...

For me, the best one is this one (LOL): https://ichi.city/profile/www

I get a 404

- MERP Draw, https://merp.ichi.city/draw/html

Why wasn't this named RickAstley.city?


"Please don't post shallow dismissals, especially of other people's work. A good critical comment teaches us something."


My apologies. I see how my comment was dismissive of the work. My intentions were to point out related work. I'll update my comment

edit: looks like it's too late to edit or remove it

It's ok - I appreciate the response!

I think this has a different aim than the Tilde sites. But I also think it’s great that multiple of these types of communities can and should exist.

Tilde sites are very different. This is closer to NeoCities.

However, it's simpler than NeoCities, and I kind of love the more barebones aesthetic.

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