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Audio on NPR - Master Hacker Kevin Mitnick Shares His 'Addiction' (npr.org)
34 points by RobertHubert 2252 days ago | hide | past | web | 5 comments | favorite

I just finished reading his new book Ghost in the Wires and it's better than his previous publications, because it's far more technically oriented.

I was disappointed by this NPR interview though. It's typical fodder for the white wine and brie demographic. Very general and promotional, like an audio blurb (which is exactly what this is supposed to be anyway). Mitnick just talks about a few of his exploits and explains what his motivation is. Most HN readers probably know all that.

if the NPR take was too dry his recent colbert report appearance may do the trick: www.hulu.com/watch/269531/the-colbert-report-kevin-mitnick

Does he have a book coming out or something? Why the sudden PR?

Paragraph 3 of TFA: That story appears in Mitnick's new memoir, Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World's Most Wanted Hacker.

Yeah, I was thinking of picking it up. Anyone else thinking of getting it? I'm sure It will be interesting to hear the inside story.

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