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honest, well-paying jobs

There's something that bugs me about the phrase "honest work". It implies you need to do (usually) manual menial labour in order to be fulfilled as a person. It seems like the kind of meme the rich robber baron factory owner tells to the poor serfs in order to keep them happy with their lot. The hell with 'honest work'.

If work was so great, the rich would have kept it to themselves.

I disagree. When I think about the mention of honest, well-paying jobs, I visualize jobs where a person is hired on the merits of their experience and character, where their efforts go towards progressing, learning, teaching and helping while growing along their peers with the security of full time long-term work earning a wage that affords for savings after expenses, advancement and the freedom to lobby for change in the workplace. An honest job is provided by the employer with the responsibilities of paying taxes and benefits shared with the employee. It has nothing to do with being menial or even manual for that matter.

A dishonest job is where an employer takes advantage of the employees or market conditions to offer insecure, low-paying wages where the employee is subjected to conditions designed to restrict their wage-earning ability, restrict their freedom of advancement and deny them their legal rights while simultaneously trying to avoid paying proper employment taxation or offering benefits to the employee. An example of this type of employer would be WalMart.

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