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"Practically every revolutionary advantage we gained over the last century at least (e.g., public health initiatives and sanitation, public education in the early 20th century; establishment of publicly funded research; the space program, the internet) were all collectively funded programs by government - by us - the collective will of a people not held hostage by short-sighted "anti-government" rhetoric."

Yeah, like the Wright brothers, Edison, Tesla and Ford discoveries. Public health has nothing to do with some specific men that wanted to put filters on water pipes, like the space program has nothing to do with people that started playing with rockets when they were kids like Von Braun.

The same could be said about education, no private institution has made US better, everything of value has been created from central planning.

And never ever consider Ethernet invention having ANY role whatsoever over Internet.

Let say it clear: Everything of value is created by central planning and monopoly and despotic power over economy!!

The economy is failing because of the evil, the private and evil corporations, because the gov spending near 60% of the money that exist on developed countries, the central banks having a monopoly over the money and gov spending more money on killing that in public services has nothing to do with that.

Because we know politicians have not short term profit mindset like winning elections on a four years basis, they only have our best interest in mind.

> Yeah, like the Wright brothers, Edison, Tesla and Ford discoveries.

Amusingly enough (or sadly, depending on your perspective), the Wright brothers and Edison are particularly known for their counter-productive attempts at locking their respective markets by unfair practices that badly harmed their businesses in the long term (airplanes, DC power, cinema...).

You're pushing forward the false idea that progress depends on some great spirits. Fortunately this is untrue; weren't it for the Wright brothers and Edison, someone else would have made the very same discoveries at about the same time. In fact it's exactly what actually happened; the airplane, the phonograph, etc. were all invented independently at several places around the world at about the same time (give or leave a few months).

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