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My first legal job was in a callcenter doing inbound collection calls for 450 bucks (I live in Central America, so that's was about 200 bucks more then minimum wage at the time). It sucked. But I wasn't reprimanded or fired at the first minuscule mistake, I was being payed more money (86 bucks actually), than what the gasket person would make IF he/she worked all days of the week, and I could at least use my head to fix some of the customers problems in comparison to mindlessly shoving gaskets into a box.

I'd say my first job was shit, but it's a thousand times better than being a drone in a Japanese gasket factory. I'm not trying to be antagonistic, I'm just curious... What jobs have you had that where so bad?

The one that comes to mind was feeding trays to a conveyor belt in a food processing plant. The trays came on a stack that was from 8 inches off the ground to 6 feet, so each tray came from a different height.

The wood was so rough that I went through a pair of leather gloves in less than a day. (I eventually figured out to wrap them in duct tape while still new, and keep wrapping them whenever I got a chance.)

At least the weather was reasonable. There are comparable jobs in much hotter and much colder weather.

And then there are jobs where it's easy to lose limbs or lives.

That's not counting the gross jobs, like picking up road kill, or the emotionally draining jobs, like putting abandoned pets to sleep.

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