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> Why is it that an honest-to-God investor in productive enterprises like Warren Buffet can call for higher taxes on the super-rich

Careful. Buffet advocates govt policy that puts money in his pocket. (He makes a lot of money off estate taxes, which his estate will never pay.)

> But the thing to watch is how same cable of rent-seeking corporations that suck-up a good portion of what you aptly-label bad government spending also whips-up the "anti-government" mob when threatened (or simply greedy).

Some actual examples would be nice. For example, GE is one of the more successful rent-seekers. Care to provide any examples of it whipping up an anti-govt mob?

Some argue that defense contractors and/or banks are very successful rent-seekers. How about some examples of them whipping up anti-govt mobs?

And no, the Koch brothers have not whipped-up mobs.

BTW - what crimes[1], other than disagreeing with you and having more money, have the Koch's committed? (Yes, I've googled them and read what I found. It's nothing but accusations by political opponents.)

[1] I don't consider violating campaign finance laws as a crime because I believe that the first amendment applies to political speech. And, they're not doing anything wrt politics that Soros didn't do before them so unless you regard him as a criminal....

>...GE is one of the more successful rent-seekers. Care to provide any examples of it whipping up an anti-govt mob?

From the Wikipedia page for Rick Santelli (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rick_Santelli):

"Tea Party Patriots wishes to extend a special thank you to Rick Santelli for his rant on February 19, 2009, which started this entire movement. Without Rick's rant, this movement would never have started. Many others will try to take credit but don't be fooled. He was the spark that began this fire."

Santelli was, and is, an editor for CNBC, which in 2009 was owned by General Electric. So an employee of GE, while acting in his capacity as an employee of GE, basically kicked off the Tea Party movement.

Do you really think that some exec at GE had any role in that?

Note that the tea party has been specifically negative towards GE's rent-seeking.

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