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OpSourced | SRE & DevOps Engineer | Full-Time | REMOTE (US Only) | Hiring Mid to Senior Levels

We cultivate teams of skilled and devoted DevOps Engineers capable of providing a fanatical level of support for our wide range of customers and a variety of tech stacks. Then we set that team loose to build and support highly available, scalable, and reliable infrastructures and automation that our customers can use to iterate as often and with as little friction as possible.

You'll work directly with other engineers on our teams, and alongside those customers day to day to build, automate, and manage their infrastructures so they can focus on their applications! If you're looking for an opportunity to work at a scale few ever get to, this could be the right place for you!

Minimum Qualifications :

• Experience maintaining production Linux environments

• Experience working with tools like Terraform / Ansible / CloudFormation

• Experienced and comfortable working in Git

• Strong Customer Service Mindset

• Strong Troubleshooting abilities

• Attention to detail

• Self motivated and diligent

• Ability to participate in an on-call pager rotation.

• Availability to overlap the majority of the workday in US Eastern to Pacific, or GMT 0 to +3

• Eligible to work in the United States, or as a contractor outside the US.

Interested? Tell us what you can bring to the team by emailing hiring@opsourced.com !

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