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AppLovin | Software Engineer | Full Time | Palo Alto, CA, Toronto, Remote | https://www.applovin.com/

AppLovin had a successful IPO earlier this year. We've been recognized as a "best place to work" several years in a row. In addition, many engineers on the team have been with the company for 5+ years. Check us out and learn why!

AppLovin is a software company dedicated to helping developers grow and monetize their mobile applications. Our products reach 410+ million users daily. An engineering team of fewer than 80 folks is responsible for processing 2.5PB of data per day, 2.5M requests a second and that reaches 5B devices per month.

Software Engineer, Platform: https://bit.ly/3l0PXvc

Software Engineer, Backend: https://bit.ly/3D7LlcT

Software Engineer, Full Stack: https://bit.ly/3ipMox6

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