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There are a ton of people in the US that would love to be making $13 an hour like that - if the job also came with free health insurance.

I'm pretty sure the patio11 did not mean that they where paid 13 dollars an hour to pluck and approve one thousand gaskets. He probably meant 13 bucks a day. A half inch gasket costs around 8 to 10 cents a piece (retail), around 5 or 6 cents in bulk by the hundred thousand or millions, which are the quantities phone manufacturers buy. At 5 cents a piece you would be making 50 bucks for each 1,000 gaskets, which you need to manufacture, box/package, and ship. You also need to pay utilities, management, equipment, marketing, and probably a whole bunch of other jobs not directly linked to actually plucking and approving gaskets. If you're paying more than one fifth of your earnings before taxes in people that pluck and approve your gaskets you're probably making no money, and most likely are loosing a crapton of dough on each shipment. Not only that, but if you're earning 13 bucks an hour, that's 2080/2496 bucks a month if you go by 8 hour days and 5 or 6 day workweeks. That's 24 to 30 THOUSAND dollars a year, which I'm pretty sure is FAR from being a poor persons salary. In some countries, that's a middle class working person's salary. Hell if they where working 16 hours a day for 6 days a week, they would be making close to 5K a month. That is so far from the reality of the actual japanese worker in a gasket manufacturing manufacturing plant, that it's no close to even being remotely amusing. In truth, it's extremely depressing.

That's an awful lot of thinking going on there, but are you saying you think they are paying 13 dollars a day? No, a bare minimum wage in Japan is (depending on the exchange rate) pretty close to $10 an hour.

According to Wikipedia, "As of 2010, regional minimum wages range from ¥642 (~US$7.75) to ¥821 (~US$9.90) per hour for all workers."

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