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VMware/Bitnami | Senior Software Engineers & Senior Product Manager | Spain & Others | Full-time | REMOTE | https://careers.vmware.com

Note: Spain is preferred for the engineering positions but open to any location for exceptional candidates. US and Spain are ok for the Product Manager position.

At VMware, we are hiring multiple positions to work on several products associated with the Bitnami brand. These products are mostly corporate oriented but have a profound impact in the content that gets generated for the Open Source catalog used by millions of developers in the world.

If you ever wanted to work with Open Source, this is one of the most exciting opportunities out there. Bitnami is one of the top Open Source publishers in the world. Some of our containers have been downloaded more than 1.5 billion times and usage is growing exponentially every month.

For coping with this task we have started an initiative to renew our internal supply chain, increasing its ability to scale and meet the incredible demand that we are having both from corporate customers and the ISV publishers.

Our stack is modern Java based. That is Java 16 (moving now to 17) + Spring Boot + Microservices. We run in AWS and Kubernetes and we practice Continuous Delivery. Our core is built around the principles of DDD with a centralised event bus that all micro services use to choreograph themselves. We believe in sound engineering practices and evolutionary architectures. Everyone in the team has a saying and there is no ivory tower leaders that impose thoughts.

We have several positions open. All of them are full-remote and aiming to hire senior high level pre-staff positions that would be able to move to Staff level in two/three years. The salary depends on the country and the level so it is hard to put a specific band there but it is along the lines of what you would expect from a top tech company: Country above-average base salary + stock + options + health insurance + stock purchase plans + wellbeing + food tickets + generous holidays.

I'm linking here some public openings that we have but if you have any more questions or want to ping me directly for help with the application don't hesitate reaching out to me at martinpe@vmware.com

- Senior Product Manager: https://careers.vmware.com/main/jobs/R2122106

- Senior Software Engineer Java: https://careers.vmware.com/main/jobs/R2101192

- Senior Software Engineer Testing: https://careers.vmware.com/main/jobs/R2019357

- Senior Software Engineer Devops: https://careers.vmware.com/main/jobs/R2019353

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