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Too Good To Go | Data Engineers & Analytics Engineer | Copenhagen, Denmark & Madrid, Spain | Full-time | VISA | https://www.toogoodtogo.com

40% of food produced is wasted which accounts for 10% of greenhouse gas emissions. Too Good To Go is tackling this issue through our marketplace app. We have about 2 million daily users, across 18 countries, and are looking to strengthen our data capabilities by bringing in Data and Analytics Engineers.

At Too Good To Go, Data Engineering are responsible for tooling and infrastructure serving both analytics and ML use-cases. We have a separate team of Analytics Engineers serving transformed data for stakeholders owning this through dbt. This allows teams to focus and better serve their area. Feel free to reach out with questions or apply beneath:

- Senior Data Engineer: https://toogoodtogo.org/en/careers/opportunities/4668752003

- Data Engineer: https://toogoodtogo.org/en/careers/opportunities/4668736003

- Analytics Engineer: https://toogoodtogo.org/en/careers/opportunities/4662578003

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