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Red Hat (Advanced Cluster Security) | Multiple positions | Remote (Europe where RH operates, US) | Full-Time

ACS is a Kubernetes-native platform and that protects the entire container life cycle across build, deploy, and runtime and addresses all the critical use cases (visibility, threat detection, incident response, etc.). RHACS helps DevOps and Security teams operationalize security, simplifying the process of protecting the cloud-native application stack.

Stack: Golang, Kubernetes, RocksDB

* Work on a product at scale

* Fully remote position. The team is distributed across Europe (Germany, Poland, Spain, UK) and US

* Contribute to open source (almost all the code we write will be open sourced)

Product details: https://bit.ly/2ZfqzcH

Apply today at https://bit.ly/3CDuor0 or reach out to me @ sukumar(at)redhat.com (please mention HN in the subject)

• Senior/Principal Software Engineer • Senior/Principal Product Manager • Principal Linux Kernel Engineer (eBPF)

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