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Mixpanel | Fullstack Engineer, Infrastructure Engineer | Various seniority levels, multiple openings | Remote US, SF, Seattle, Austin | Full-time | We sponsor visas | mixpanel.com/jobs

At Mixpanel, our mission is to help the world learn from its data. We are focused on Product Analytics, and our strategy is product-led growth. In the last 12 months, we added over 2,000 new paying customers, our NPS has tripled, our data volumes have doubled, and we’ve grown to 270+ team members with offices across the US (San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Austin).

Our Infrastructure Engineers tackle large scale data issues as we ingest petabytes of event data. We tracked over 2 QUADrillion events last month. You can read about one such challenge here: Petabyte Scale Data Deduplication <<https://engineering.mixpanel.com/petabyte-scale-data-dedupli...>>.

Our Full Stack Engineers led the charge in tripling our NPS in the past 18 months << https://mixpanel.com/blog/how-we-tripled-nps-score-in-18-mon...>>.

Tech Stack = JS, Python, Go, C++, GCP, Kubernetes, NoSQL We are language agnostic while hiring though

Priority Opportunities:

* Sr. Product Manager (Remote US): https://ats.comparably.com/api/v1/gh/mixpanel/jobs/3164962?g...

* Sr. Infrastructure Engineer (Distributed Systems; Remote US): https://ats.comparably.com/api/v1/gh/mixpanel/jobs/142062?gh...

* Full Stack Engineer (Core Product; Austin TX): https://ats.comparably.com/api/v1/gh/mixpanel/jobs/1545756?g...

* Full Stack Engineer (Remote US): https://ats.comparably.com/api/v1/gh/mixpanel/jobs/1424182?g...

Check out our careers page for other opportunities: mixpanel.com/jobs

Learn more about our engineering projects: engineering.mixpanel.com/

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