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PlanetiQ | DevOps | Onsite, relocation available | Golden, CO | Full-Time | http://planetiq.com | 105k - 130k commensurate with experience

PlanetiQ is operating the world's most powerful GNSS Radiooccultation (GNSS-RO) instrument in Earth orbit. GNSS-RO is a method to measure the Earth’s atmosphere by observing how the timing signals from GPS and related satellites follow bent paths as they graze the Earth’s atmosphere. The total bending angle of the path is a function of the temperature, pressure, and humidity of the air along the path. By positioning our satellites in low-earth orbit, we can collect well over 2000 atmospheric soundings per day from each of our receiving satellites as the ray paths intersect the Earth’s horizon in front of and behind the receiver. The soundings are in turn consumed by global weather and climate prediction models. GNSS-RO data is complementary to existing downward-looking Earth-observing satellites which operate in microwave, infrared, and visual spectra. Since our measurements are along ray paths that take vertical slices in space, they reveal fine details about the vertical structure of the atmosphere which are unique to our technology.

As we build out the GNOMES constellation of receiving satellites, we are also building out a scientific relational data warehouse to process our data from the field. The data warehouse supports realtime and post-processing analyses for both internal use and customer data delivery.

To apply, email hr@planetiq.com

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