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Overleaf (https://www.overleaf.com) | REMOTE (UK/EU/US/Canada) | Full-time | Engineering Manager, DevOps Engineer, Software Engineer - Frontend/React

Overleaf builds modern collaborative authoring tools for scientists — like Google Docs for Science. We have over eight million registered users from around the world. Our primary product is an online, real-time collaborative editor for papers, theses, technical reports and other documents written in the LaTeX markup language. It’s used by around 400,000 people each day.

We’re currently hiring for three roles:

- DevOps Engineer: We’re looking for a devops engineer to help us run and maintain our microservice infrastructure, debug live problems, improve security and adopt new technologies and best practices. You will be working primarily with Google Kubernetes Engine and Terraform, although some knowledge of JavaScript and node.js will help.

- Software Engineer - Frontend/React: We’re looking for a frontend (or full-stack) engineer to help us finish migrating our remaining angular.js code to react, update our code editor from ACE to CodeMirror. In the longer term, we are planning projects around improved collaboration features for teams, improvements to our rich text mode to help non-LaTeX users, and more.

- Software Engineering Manager: We are looking to hire an enthusiastic Software Engineering Manager with strong engineering experience to join our team. You’ll be coaching and supporting engineers and helping them with their career development, as well as having input into our high-level planning processes. Alongside that you’ll be doing code review (in JavaScript) and acting as tech-lead on individual projects.

Some reasons you'd enjoy working with us:

- Most of our code is open-source and we're big fans of Free Software.

- We use the “Shape Up” development process, using an 8-week cycle to ensure regular delivery of improvements to the product.

- You’ll be working alongside a cross-functional team, including designers, product managers and developers, to help our users create their best work on Overleaf.

- Working hours can be flexible to your needs. Our core hours are 2pm–5pm UK time. Applicants must be based in the UK, EU, US or Canada.

- Remote is a first class citizen; even before the pandemic, all founders and employees worked remotely and this is part of our values: https://www.overleaf.com/about/values. When we can do so again, we'll get everyone together in London a few times a year for valuable face to face time.

Apply here: https://apply.workable.com/overleaf/

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