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OpenSpace.ai | https://openspace.ai | Electron Software Engineer, Java/Kotlin BE Engineer | San Francisco | Remote | Full Time

At OpenSpace, we’re using cutting-edge technology — think the perception and navigation AI systems used in self-driving cars — to allow people out in the real world to efficiently capture their work, analyze it, and get things done. We’re building virtual time machines for every construction job site.

I am currently looking for: 1) An experienced Electron engineer to own our existing desktop sync app (plug in a 360-camera and we automagically upload what we need). This currently works but it needs some love and someone to own adding new features and applying Electron best practices. 2) An experienced BE/Kotlin backend product engineer. We use Spring, AWS, Postgres.

If you're interested please reach out to me (the hiring manager): jack@openspace.ai please put "HN whoishiring" somewhere in the subject line.

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