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Noetic Cyber | Sr Software Engineer, Sr Cloud Ops Engineer | Full-time | Remote (Boston/US/Canada) | https://noeticcyber.com

Noetic Cyber is a new venture-funded startup aimed at disrupting the cybersecurity market. Funded by some of the premier investors in cybersecurity, we are targeting an aspect of the cybersecurity problem space which is under-serviced and ripe for disruption.

Our stack: Microservice architecture- Java and Python services, Vue.js front end, JanusGraph, Fission, Zeebe, RabbitMQ, Redis, Elastic, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes

We provide a proactive approach to cyber asset and controls management, empowering security teams to see, understand, and optimize their cybersecurity posture. We help security teams better understand cyber risks to their environment by building a map of the relationship between all of their assets and identities, with context and insights to make faster, more accurate decisions.

Email me at jschley@noeticcyber.com (Jim - VP of Eng) or learn more at https://noeticcyber.com/careers

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