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TalentWall | Mid and Senior full-stack Elixir/Phoenix LiveView developers | REMOTE, Full-Time or Contract, must work 9am-12pm US Pacific time.

Salary: $100-$180k/yr + benefits for Full-Time.

Hi I'm Nick, Cofounder/CTO of TalentWall (https://talentwall.io)

TalentWall makes recruiting-management software for the fastest-growing companies, including many well known brands.

We are a small company (only 4 FT devs right now), but growing quickly. All the current developers are very senior Ex-ThoughtWorks folks who care about code and process quality.

We have a genuinely pleasant if slightly disorganized (but improving!) culture. Our interview process is straightforward (no tricks).

We're having a great time with LiveView + TailWind (PETAL stack). It feels like the future.

If you don't have production Elixir experience, that's ok! As long as you have solid fundamentals are are as excited about it as we are.

Apply here, hope to see you!


Are you open to hiring part-time contractors?

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