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Akselos | Full-time | Front-end | Remote available (or offices in US or Europe)

Akselos is a venture-backed SaaS company (MIT spin-off) which provides advanced simulation technology to enable Digital Twins of critical machinery and infrastructure in a wide range of industries (offshore wind, aerospace, automotive, heavy machinery, etc.). We have a team of 85 people (and growing rapidly), with several offices in the US, Europe and Southeast Asia.

We're looking for looking to fill front-end development roles to enhance our cloud-based software platform for Digital Twins and engineering simulation. The software we develop enables 3D model creation and simulation pre- and post-processing, along with interfaces to a scalable cloud-based architecture for high-performance computational simulations. Software development uses multiple languages including Python (using the Python interface to Qt for GUI development, as well as QML) as well as React for web-based development.

If interested, please apply here: https://akselos.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=73

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