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PACE Anti-Piracy | Senior Web Services Developer | Remote (US or Europe) | Full-time | https://paceap.com/

PACE is a small, private company, but a global leader in software licensing and protection. We create cutting-edge solutions that help companies license, distribute, and protect their software. Whether working on a licensing system that is standard in the pro audio industry, or evolving security solutions and the field of white box cryptography, PACE is a place that values curiosity.

We are searching for a Senior Web Services Developer to join our Web Services team. For this role, our focus is to find a senior programmer with experience developing and operating high-volume cloud services, end-to-end. We aren’t concerned about exactly which platforms and technologies you have experience with so long as you have a working architectural understanding of cloud infrastructure and are willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work.

Our team is composed entirely of senior engineers who work together to design and implement our projects, and to manage our production environments. While we are looking for substantial programming and DevOps experience, we care just as much about your ability to learn and to work with our team.

We primarily use Java (services) and C++ (clients).

More info here: https://paceap.com/careers.html

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