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SparkAI | Multiple Roles | New York or REMOTE | https://www.spark.ai/

Artificial intelligence meets natural intelligence on our API. We are on a mission to accelerate the proliferation of automation and robotics. We’ve started by addressing the most expensive and pervasive barrier to scale – AI edge cases – with an API-based service that resolves machine learning exceptions live, in production. Our customers are some of the largest and most interesting robotics applications in the world.

If you believe revolutionary automation and robotics products shouldn’t have to wait for the next AI breakthrough, join us on this journey.

Senior Solutions Architect: https://careers.spark.ai/p/25fba3818416-senior-solutions-arc...

Infrastructure Engineer: https://careers.spark.ai/p/6a9aa877c3e3-infrastructure-engin...

Front-end Engineer: https://careers.spark.ai/p/d4601a8fd048-front-end-engineer

Back-end Engineer: https://careers.spark.ai/p/af61bdfa7a6b-back-end-engineer

Back-end Engineer: API: https://careers.spark.ai/p/f9b48dae1a8a-back-end-engineer-ap...

QA Engineer: https://careers.spark.ai/p/a47b87fcb069-qa-engineer

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