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Show HN: Open-source, local-first video file browser like YouTube (github.com/suboptimaleng)
8 points by SuboptimalEng 11 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

Looks interesting but there are a couple of things I’m mot personally a fan of.

The sales model is a bit weird for me. Buying the app on gumroad (not sure what that is tbh) for even 10 usd without an option to try it out is a hard sell. A trial would be nice. A free version with limited functionality that could be unlocked would also be nice. The ability to build the app on your own from source without an easy package would also be nice (similar to how textual works). Ideally buying/upgrading would be through the macos app store.

The faq also mentions that there is no auto update cause the developer doesn’t have an apple dev account, which I expect it also means the app is not notarised by apple. That’s a no no for a closed source app for me.

Ui is a bit meh. A bit of polish goes a long way with mac users.

Good luck with the project, I’ll keep an eye out for future versions!

Thanks for taking a look and giving feedback!

As per your first two points, I offer a full refund (within 14 days) so I thought this would counteract the fact that there is no trail period. Also, the app is open source so you can validate the code and run it yourself for free if you are familiar with NPM.

I do agree with needing some UI updates. I'll get some inspiration from dribbble and take it from there.

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