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For AnyNewBooks.com I have the following thank you page: http://anynewbooks.com/thank-you/

And the email I send has the subject: "Please confirm your subscription"

Between the two, the message is fairly clear. Yet, I still receive emails from novice users once in a while, who aren't familiar with the concept of "confirming" a subscription. Usability isn't easy.

Not to detract from your nice design, but wouldn't something like this be more effective?


That is, downsized screenshot, with graphics drawn on top. I think the original looks too much like a real window.

It might be interesting to add a click event on the link in the image and track how many people actually "click here" on the image of an inbox.

Maybe even have a popup that triggers if that link is clicked that says something like: "Sorry, this is just a screenshot. Please check your email inbox for this message"

Nor will it ever be perfect. No matter how friendly you make it, there will always be people who deftly dodge every piece of helpful info or design you throw at them.

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