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pliego 86 days ago | hide | past | favorite

I thought "pre-med" was just taking med-school prereqs with the intention of eventually apply to med school (i.e. not a real "program." That's specifically what it is at Harvard: https://college.harvard.edu/life-harvard/student-stories/com...:

> Being “pre-med” simply means that you are at least considering applying to medical school in the future. There is no “pre-med concentration” at Harvard, and anyone who wants to can fulfill the requirements and apply to medical school.

So what is this person actually resigning from?

This letter illustrates the danger of overemphasizing racism. It can enervate the people that "antiracism" is supposed to be helping.

Are you saying this woman's resignation was caused by an overemphasis on racism or "antiracism"?

I'm not seeing it. Can you explain?

Yes. Her mindset, which is a product of her environment, prevented her from concentrating on her chemistry exam:

"I took an inorganic chemistry exam the same day that a grand jury failed to charge two police officers with the murder of Breonna Taylor. That day, my body inhaled molecules of white supremacy as they seeped out of my computer from that proctored Zoom room. They entered my bloodstream and catalyzed a metabolism that would allow for the invasion of my body by a violently infectious life form. A chronic pain, caused by the perpetuation of lethally unjust practices and compounded by the silence and avoidance between myself and my educators when it comes to Black women’s lives, would make its way through and onto neighboring cells within my physical being. "

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