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Goodnight Dune (2011) (goodnightdune.com)
172 points by sebg 3 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 23 comments

Random story about Goodnight Moon:

My wife bought it for me too read to our kids. I didn't recognize it, but as soon as I started reading it, I could say the words from the next page before turning the page. It was a rather surreal feeling.

So I called up my mom, and she said it was my favorite book in preschool and that I read the cover off of it.

Kwisatz Haderach of the moon

Ha, this book has been a big part of my life from childhood into adulthood with my own children. The Dune series might be one of the more influential science fiction series I’ve read.

Seeing then spliced together like this seems ridiculous and perfect all at once. I love it.

Really excited to see the movie now.

You won't be disappointed. The movie was really good IMHO. It could have been a killer tv series as well Though I have the benefit of 15 years since I last read any of the books nothing seemed to conflict.

I’m sure there were a few things changed, beyond an obvious and not particularly important gender change. But I didn’t notice anything that diverged in important ways from my last, rather obsessive, re-read. That was more than a decade ago for me, too, though.

I just finished watching it and it struck me as the most faithful rendering of what I believe Frank Herbert’s vision was of any of the dramatic creations over the decades.

I really, really, really hope they get to make part 2.

I am on the other side. I found the movie was a faithful rendering.

But I was bored.

I wish someone will at some piont make a free adaptation, like romeo+juliet, romeo must die, the 2009 BBC version of Hamlet, etc. were.

Gang wars with Oakland police brutality with climate eco terrorists and Indians in reserve and a mad voodoo cult or something and a mind destroying drug/device à la a scanner darkly that gives people ability to foresee things (edit: told from the perspective of a Irulan the freelance social worker). Or maybe a 16th/17h pirate movie with European powers and full blown mysticism at the foreground. The same story but with a very different spin. I like remixes :).

Great movie, not my taste. Hope they can do part 2 for people who enjoyed it :).

You can guess I rather like the other thing, Foundation the TV show. Wish the they can pull it off and have time and resources to get their vision on screens.

It depends on how you define "important". IMO, with all the things they've cut - such as Jessica visiting the greenhouse, or Leto's banquet just before the Harkonnen invasion - it's harder to understand why the characters are doing the things that they do (e.g. why the Fremen became more friendly to Leto and Paul).

I just want everything to be a TV show now. After so many years of quality TV shows, going back to movies feels very underwhelming. Like, I'm only going to spend the next 1-2 hours with this character - why do I care about them? I've spent dozens of hours and sometimes several years with other characters, so I just can't feel the same connection anymore.

I can't wait for studios to come up with the idea of releasing TV shows on the big screen, because I do love the theater experience.

I’ve read Dune about once a year for the last two decades, the first time I did so was a formative experience for my thinking about religion in my teens. The film does remove a few bits but none of them were of any real consequence, and the changes that were made didn’t have any impact on the story.

There were even a couple of scenes where I found myself reciting the lines as they were said, the whole scene was just lifting the dialogue straight out of the novel and putting it on film.

It surprised me, but Dune (1984, full version) is an overall better movie.

This one is beautiful, but the direction is weak, many scenes are confusing to non-readers, mentats are useless furniture, traitor plot is absent. Two bright spots are Momoa's Idaho and Batista's Rabban.

I feel the same.

Unfortunately the necessary discussion about the obvious flaws of this movie will be drowned by the hype which has been going on for years. I guess nobody wants to admit that they've been wrong or maybe the pictures count for more now.

I fell for it too. I hyped with the rest and recommended the movie to people who have not read it before I watched the movie. This was a mistake and the drinks were on me afterwards while I had to explain the actual story...

I remember seeing this before(in the link, it appears to have been around since 2011) and at least a couple of other versions of "Goodnight Moon" with geeky leanings that I can't recall immediately. It's things like this and other similar remixes that have made me fully support remixes of copyrighted material and get dislike when companies take a hard line stance against them.

One past thread:

Goodnight Dune - https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=9653741 - June 2015 (9 comments)

Oh my goodness. Goodnight Moon was my daughters favorite book as a 1 year old and Dune is my favorite fiction of all time... I just can't justify the price.

You can download the pdf and print it at a printers, and send the author a token of your appreciation. It's a gorgeous project!


Did you see how much they want for this? The hardcover is nearly $100.

I guess I don't see 100 as being very much money based on the poster's previous declaration that it's his favorite book melded with his kid's favorite book. Most people spend 100 a month on stuff they don't actually use/need/enjoy.

If there was an edition of my favorite X that had been blended with my daughter's favorite X then 100 dollars is a steal.

Might end up fetching more than that if the project gets shut down.

The soft cover with shipping is $50. Which is a bit much, IMHO. It is nice that it's available though.

Maybe you could be a secret Santa?

If you have never played it I suggest to try the original Dune: http://www.abandonia.com/games/46

A bit slow but epic.

This is a great example of how all art is derivative. A masterpiece.

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