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Show HN: I created a tool to schedule HTTP requests
17 points by caiorolla 40 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments
In my last project, I was struggling to create and monitor cron jobs.

So, instead of creating hundreds of standalone scrips and executing them with cron, I decided to turn those scripts into multiple endpoints. Next, I created a single service that I could schedule HTTP requests to those endpoints and monitor its execution. No more scripts, now everything is endpoints that I can run manually at any time

I turned this scheduler service into a Micro-SaaS so you don't have to build it yourself: beew.io

I know you can Schedule HTTP requests with Zapier but come on... I will not pay 50 bucks for that hahahaha

btw, feedbacks are welcome.


You can schedule HTTP requests with cron and curl. You don’t have to use Zapier or any other app. With a little Apache magic you can limit the IP addresses or host names allowed to make API requests.

For monitoring sites by pinging them or periodically checking a status page you can find many services. I use Uptime Robot for multiple clients.

Nice website! What's the difference between beew and easycron[1]?

1. https://www.easycron.com/

@caiorolla, if you want to research, there's also https://cron-job.org and https://cronhub.io/.

None, I think hahahaha.

I'm slowly adding more features and writing documentation. For now, it's just a cheaper and simpler option.

Not feedback just curious- How did you make the marketing site? Did you use a theme/template or created it yourself?

not sure what they're using, but TailwindUI (https://tailwindui.com/) is my go to for marketing pages

I was Just thinking to build something like this today! is the code open source?

Not yet, but it could be.

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