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Show HN: Scaffoldly – Serverless APIs on AWS, in Minutes (scaffold.ly)
26 points by cnuss 42 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

Hey Everyone!

We've built Scaffoldly as an Open Source option to quickly start new projects in AWS, and cost effectively.

Scaffoldly Start (https://start.scaffold.ly) is the next iteration of our product, designed to quickly set up a new project on AWS using our Open Souce Tooling with Serverless APIs, GitHub Actions, Terraform, and Authentication.

Very cool project. It reminds me a bit of https://dapr.io (even though they're obviously quite different).

One tiny note on the docs - I found it surprisingly hard to find the github repo for the project listed in the docs. I was expecting to find a GitHub link under contributing but only saw a slack channel. I eventually spotted a link in the Roadmap section.

Thanks yodon, great feedback! I've aggregated a list here for easier discovery: https://docs.scaffold.ly/contributing/open-source-components

That's the first place I went for a link to your repo. The way you have that page laid out, it looks like you are providing links to the upstream packages you used while developing scaffold.ly, for example Gitbook and Terraform.

I love the GitHub Actions play here - keeping the deployment system right next to the code it's deploying.

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