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Ask Dustin Curtis (UX Designer) anything about your web site (officehours.tv)
19 points by jmtame on Aug 17, 2011 | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

I love this concept. Smart guys offering up advice to fledgling companies and entrepreneurs looking to do something great. $10 for 10 minutes is a steal for such an opportunity, especially because you could prepare a few questions well in advance.

What does he charge to just shut up already?

While I think the tone of your comment is unnecessary and nonconstructive, I do think it's a curious choice.

Co-founder of Foursquare.

Co-founder of Grooveshark.

Co-founder of Reddit.

And a semi-famous UX person.

I mean, I could understand if he were the lead designer on a successful startup, been a major influencer to the industry or founded something amazing as a designer.

> Co-founder of Reddit.

Wait, what?

That's a list of all the people who are on officehours.tv (http://officehours.tv/faqs), not Dustin's CV.

12 lightning bolts.

What an awesome idea and opportunity. I just set my calendar reminders to come back and bid. I need some DCurtis UI time!

While I really like the idea, I have a hard time supporting something that Dustin Curtis has a hand in, in any capacity. He's a bit smug/arrogant for my taste.

Does anyone know who is behind this?

From the FAQ:

Who's behind OfficeHours.TV and how did you get the Senseis?

There is currently only one founder for OfficeHours.TV, Jared Tame. Most of the Senseis have agreed to host office hours after Jared wrote a book called Startups Open Sourced and interviewed many of them. You can watch an interview about the book with Jared on The Startup Foundry


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