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Show HN: Mau v2 – A template-based markup language written in Python
2 points by thedigicat 41 days ago | hide | past | favorite
Mau is a lightweight markup language heavily inspired by AsciiDoc that makes it a breeze to write blog posts or books. If you already know Markdown or AsciiDoc you already know which type of software Mau is, and you will quickly learn its syntax.

The main goal of Mau, however, is to provide a customisable markup language. While Mau's syntax is fixed by its implementation, its output is created through user-provided templates. This strategy gives the user great flexibility with no added complexity.

I currently use Mau to write posts for my blog The Digital Cat (https://www.thedigitalcatonline.com/) and to write my book Clean Architectures in Python 9https://leanpub.com/clean-architectures-in-python). The Mau documentation is also written using Mau.

Source code: https://github.com/Project-Mau/mau

Official documentation: The Mau book at https://www.thedigitalcatbooks.com/

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