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and just like any math based course at a community college 3/4ths will have dropped by the midterm.

Most likely the percentage will be much higher. I'm saying that as a former dropout :) I've decided to go through the Machine Learning course (the web version) few months ago but it's really too math heavy. It's not that I'm a total noob but having to parse formulas spanning 2 rows and containing half the Greek alphabet is about as exciting as reading an organic chemistry textbook.

Nevertheless I signed up! But I hope some day there will be a AI/machine learning course that will have code examples for every concept and every math formula, just like this: http://www.cleveralgorithms.com/nature-inspired/index.html Maybe it's just me but code is way easier to read and understand.

I suspect more will drop out since they have even less necessity driving them than someone at community college.

I think it's safe to say at least 3/4 will not do any work. Another 3/4 of the remaining will drop out after trying, and another 3/4 will not understand a thing.

900 is still a decently large university class.

That's still 14500 who won't.

I don't think you belong here. You're supposed to whine and bitch bitterly about "Kids these days".

I figure the future of education looks like this. Where anyone can sign up for courses, and if they don't get it, they can either drop it or hire a tutor.

1 teacher per subject per 300 students is an anachronism. It should have gone away when textbooks became ridiculously cheap to print.

We should run a betting pool for this. I'd bet at even money than more than 90% of online signups fail to complete the course. Give me decent odds and I'll bump that up to 95%

I think you're being way too optimistic. I'm guessing about 5% of sign-ups will ever actually follow the course once it starts, and of those, I'm guessing less than 5% of those people will complete the course.

Do you think they'll makes the numbers public?

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