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Embodiment for nerds – getting in touch with your body and emotions (pmigdal.medium.com)
56 points by stared on Oct 18, 2021 | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

I did a bunch of similar things and concluded it didn't matter so much. I can attend as many workshops as I want but it won't make me a more likeable character. The one important thing self improvement taught me is to reject self improvement. But I'd still do them for the entertainment value. Just I take whatever values are being paddled with a bucket of salt. We all need to experience things else life is kinda boring. It's important to have some fun and more so when you're single and alone. So yes I thoroughly recommend doing stuff like 'ecstatic dance' or tantra workshops or massage workshops or circling. Now that I'm no longer alone I can also be okay with the fact that my partner doesn't allow me to do things like that anymore. Now we just do nerd stuff together and that's fun as well.

> I can attend as many workshops as I want but it won't make me a more likeable character.

But this is more about inner connection, rather than perception by others.

One thing I caught from the article was if you feel nerdy do this and be less of a nerd. I'm sure it's not intentional but it did make me want to manage expectations.

With respect, I think you might have missed something. See the heading titled “you don’t have to give up your nerd card.”

In my experience, it helped me be better comfortable around others.

Both having it easier to send good energy to people I liked, and not caring so much about being judged by others (less useless self-deprecation).

Everyone's path is different.

Some workshops (but not all) helped me. I've heard similar stories from others. It does not yet mean that it is a universal panaceum.

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