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The ‘lying flat’ movement standing in the way of China’s innovation drive (brookings.edu)
6 points by lisper 45 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

Reminds me of Japan, but I see this contrast on Wikipedia:


Unlike the hikikomori in Japan (who are socially withdrawn), these young Chinese people who subscribe to "lying flat" are not socially isolated, but merely choose to lower their ambitions and simplify their goals, still being fiscally productive for their own essential needs, and prioritize psychological health over materialism.

So far the CCP has shown great willingness and ability to overcome any threat to its power and ambitions, including the use of various technologies. Even non-violent or passive resistance can be dealt with by deligitimation, social credit downgrading for 'parasitism', pressure on family members through 'kin liability' (term from another era), etc.

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