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Possibly. If we had an event in Europe, it would probably be in London.

I think this would be great. What would you need to turn a 'possibly' into a 'yes'?

I think we really could need some of the YC spirit over here. Even as a german, I would agree London to be the best choice.

I would be really glad, because in europe (esp. in germany) at startup events we usually see some successful copycat entrepreneur as a speaker..

It seems like nearly no one in europe is taking risk in business to develop real innovation.

I know that I (and most, if not all of my startup friends back in the UK) would have definitely attended a YC event in London.

If you could find the time to appear at that event, it may be more productive it coincide with the Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford event held in November, or FOWA London on 3-5th Oct, both of which you have presented at in the past.

We would love to have you over here:)

Interesting. Folks in NYC seem to think Berlin is a better environment for startups and rarely discuss London.

As one of the founders of http://www.44con.com/ I'd be happy to chat about making this happen. We have everything we need geared up for this and could do it as a free or paid for conference.

Another vote for London from us @skilio !

Another vote for London!


+1 for London

London please!

+1 London


What about Paris? I'm hearing from neutral sources (not me, I'm biased) that Paris is ahead of London in terms of startups. I actually was surprised to hear that.

I understand that the language barrier can be stressful for Americans. London is therefore the default choice.

They're mistaken. Roughly 40% of European VC money is invested in London, nowhere else comes even close.

If you just want to do a headcount you can search Crunchbase by city.

What is the Paris startup scene like? Can a native English speaker with a little French get a job there? (Especially one with an EU passport ;)

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