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Fired Google Insider Speaks Out (youtube.com)
23 points by mikevm 47 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

A very interesting insight into management tactics that use woke policies a) as intimidation to suppress speech in general and b) to show that they are "doing something".

Especially widespread in U.S. corporations is the method of keeping employees in a state of perpetual uncertainty.

Given the background of Brin and Page, I would like to know what they think about white privilege in the Soviet Union before and after the collapse.

I'm also sure that a number of Swiss labor laws have been violated (is this kind of indoctrination legal in Switzerland)?

Curious why you think Larry’s background is relevant. Although his mom is Jewish (so he probably is) he probably does not identify as non-white (to the same extent as Jews, eg Brin’s family,in the CCCP). Maybe it could be different if he was raised on the eastern seaboard, but all evidence points to the fact that his family is as nonreligious as it gets..

In the first 10 minutes, it was clear that:

- Google has policies which are culturally unresponsive and discriminatory to Eastern Europeans.

- Neither side was aware of the scope of the problem.

I've seen this a lot, where there are cultural difference that neither the immigrant nor the native are aware of, but that lead to improper treatment.

I saw a thread at google where people had to explain to the community moderators (a heavy handed group of censors for memegen and other internal comms) that there is, in fact, discrmination in the world beyond that of black people in america. They were very surprised.

"Triggernometry"? really?

The hosts are comedians.

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