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Lazy crane operators making $250k a year exacerbating port crisis, truckers say (yahoo.com)
21 points by GaryTang 3 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 12 comments

This is a propaganda piece trying to distract people from the real causes, which are about not investing in adequate capacity and not hiring enough people.

Encouraging the workers to fight between each others or against poorer people is an age old distraction tactic in a crisis.

and at the end the real reason.

> “They have to hire extra men to work the cranes and don’t want to do it,” Tessier said. “There are a lot of things [terminal operators] could do but don’t do because it costs extra money. Shows how concerned they are about their customers.”

The truckers are hit because they are paid by deliveries and delays are causing time with no income or penalties. Capitalism says they should adjust, either negotiate better conditions or accept/go out of business...

Funny how unionized crane operators do not have this issue.

Are ports private or state owned?

Sounds like what's really needed is a competing port a few hundred miles down the coast.

And that competing port can use all automated cranes so there are very few super highly paid union workers.

The port would never be built. This is because all things violate some rule and that is on purpose. That way we can choose to enforce the rule or permit an exception.

Longshoremen and stevedores unions would kill off an automated port in no time. You’d find that it needed more environmental review or something.


You might want to have a word with ECT terminal, The Harbour of Rotterdam and I guess the FNV labour union while you're at it?

(this is just one terminal at one of the world's largest and busiest ports. A quick google seems to indicate that the workers would be with FNV.)

TIL there's actually a newer terminal with even more automation at the same harbour:


I’m sorry, Rotterdam in the Netherlands? I’m not familiar with the politics of that nation. I specifically meant the US since that was the original subject of the post.

And even more specifically, California.

Rotterdam has quite a lot of competing ports and any union which reduced the productivity of the port would be shooting itself in the foot.

Not sure they think of it in exactly those terms (hurray for the Poldermodel); but I'm sure that's a consideration.

Are the unions still Mafia (literally) owned? That would explain the salaries and deliberate slowness (perhaps someone has to pay to speed things up...).


Do people intentionally link to Yahoo aggregation versions of stories from 'dodgy' sources? The headline is pretty bad on its own, but combined with Washington Examiner as a source, you know what you're going to get.

Yes. I call it source laundering.

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