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Deepfaked Voice Enabled $35M Bank Heist in 2020 (unite.ai)
66 points by Hard_Space on Oct 15, 2021 | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

The pleasure of Shawn’s company

Is what I most enjoy.

He put a tack on Ms. Yancey’s chair

When she called him a horrible boy.

At the end of the month he was flinging two kittens

Across the width of the room.

I count on his schemes to show me a way now

Of getting away from my gloom.

[context: in Mission Impossible 3, Tom Cruise coerces Philip Seymour Hoffman into reading a poem containing all English phonemes to train the model to clone his voice. We are literally living in Mission Impossible now]


Original clip: https://youtu.be/CgX4uJSj00Y

"My voice is my passport, verify"

Sneakers 1992 https://youtu.be/-zVgWpVXb64

So: emails were trusted, phone calls A to B were trusted, secure identification systems were not in place, A was never seen in person, and not even a call from B to A was performed just to be sure.

So, all because people with responsibilities are uninformed about the year they live in. And because cognitively they are unable to care.

By the way, this is has already been a way to circumvent KYC on crypto exchanges, as many use technology that analyzes a video of you with your ID.

The crypto exchanges are a much more benign use of deepfakes as they implement KYC primarily to deny users of certain countries out, and the user just wants to use their own funds to trade on the exchange. The crypto exchange is just covering its own ass here, and not getting things stolen from it.

Of course, any body with stolen funds that they want to trade or launder can also create fake accounts at these crypto exchanges using deep fake KYC.

But yeah, back to the article, traditional banks and exchanges have much lower tech verification technology. So its probably a better use of time to just heist them for larger sums via wire transfer, instead of trying to grow/launder a crypto balance.

How much audio sample data would you need from the subject you're impersonating to do this? How did the fraudsters know what the manager's voice sounded like?

Like every 6 months there's new breakthrough paper on this that make it faster with less input. AI field is moving fast

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