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on Aug 15, 2011 | hide | past | favorite

Your website is pretty but not usable. On load, there is no call to action but a cryptic "Choose a direction". The wheel doesn't turn when dragged, but after clicking on the side of it the entire page moves around before a call to action appears. It's pretty, but the "Find a space" and "List a space" boxes should be visible as soon as the website loads. They should also link to a page allowing visitors to do exactly that - or to a page explaining that you're still in alpha and asking them to leave their email address.

Yes, you're in alpha, you can be a bit cryptic. But the focus of the page is a giant ship's wheel. If you absolutely need to keep it (because you've already spent so much time getting it right), there should be some indication that clicking on different sides of it gets different results, there should be somewhere on it that users can click to get both calls to action, when a call to action is visible the wheel should become smaller, and if the page is open for more than ten or twenty seconds you should slide both calls to action in, as clearly the user is trying to figure out what the point of it is.

Also, why "capitan" instead of "captain"? It's a distinction that most users aren't going to get, and you seem to own spotcaptain.com as well.

hilarious sea turning motion -- what web technologies did you use?

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