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I really don't see how this is useful. Maybe I've become one of those guys who doesn't 'get it' anymore, but I think that twitter is not going to be as big as you think. Yes, a form of mini communication will happen, but in the current form, there will very quickly be too much information. We have finite capacities for processing stuff, and twitter is a rabble of information, which just gets wearying after a while.

To me, the people who are really into twitter all seem to be the same demographic, and that's usually bad news for a technology. It's those same people who used to like Usenet and the IRC that are now using twitter.

Twitter is something that intrudes on your life, and having it does not solve any problems, it adds stuff to what you already have.

But I won't protest too much, because it's possible I'm wrong on this one. I'll just wait and see. But frankly, I still don't see how I could somehow get my mum excited about twitter, even if it had all those features you spoke about.

I think that twitter itself may not be that big but attaching twitterlike 'tags' to things may be a very useful feature. Being able to "home" your comments on specific sections of a text seems useful.

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